12th Annual Alcatraz Classic

I have signed up to compete in the 12th Annual Alcatraz Classic on September 27, 2014 and I’m pretty excited about it!

My husband and I are expecting our second child earlier that summer and I wanted a fitness goal to work towards later that fall. Swimming is very pregnancy friendly, so an open water event seemed like the perfect way to go. Plus, Alcatraz is one of those swims I’ve always wanted to do – who doesn’t want to say they could escape from Alcatraz?

Alcatraz is a 1.5 mile swim, though I’m sure I can make it closer to 3. The water is going to be cold (about 52 degrees from what I’ve read) so I decided to swim it with a wetsuit. Being from AK, I see no reason to be that cold if wetsuits are an option!!! Looking at last years results, the fastest woman was just under 30 minutes. Some of the later competitors came in at just over an hour and twenty minutes.

The race is open to 450 competitors, which is a lot! It is a race that draws people from all over the world.

1.5 miles from Alcatraz to Aquatic Park.

Photo credit: Water World Swim, “Swimming the Bay of San Francisco, California.”

The Alcatraz Classic will be my first open water race. I’m comfortable in open water, but I haven’t competed in it. I’m going to be focusing on my sighting and working on my endurance. I will be using workouts from the training book we wrote to train for this, which I think is really cool!

My biggest fear is that I could start too fast and be unable to finish for some reason. I want to work on pacing and reigning in my excitement. You have to remember, I am a 50 freestyler. A drop dead sprinter. I am all fast twitch. I am about as rare as a true distance athlete.  I love nothing more than sprinting as fast as possible and leaving everything in the water, but this is not that kind of race!

Have any of you done Alcatraz before? Anyone interested in signing up for this one? Any tips???

P.S. Do you want to know a secret? Last night I had a dream about sharks in the bay. Yes, I have open water reservations too 😉

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  1. Do you have a ticker/pacer to practice with? It can help you learn a solid rhythm/beat to pace yourself and your stroke count while giving you something steady to focus on during a race (I always counted my strokes per 25 as something to focus on rather than the pain).

    • I do! I’ll have to bust it out before my belly gets too big, lol. I haven’t used it in quite some time, but you’re right, it would be perfect for this! Do you remember your stroke count per 25? I’ll be surprised if you don’t~

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