Using Corkscrew Drill to “See the Field”

Corkscrew Drill was something I usually did for fun during warm down when I was an athlete, but it actually has some real benefits to triathletes!

Corkscrew is done by switching seamlessly between your back and stomach during backstroke and freestyle. You can swim it one direction for an entire length of the pool and switch directions on the next length (you have to keep it even!) or you can switch directions every certain number of strokes. Yes, Corkscrew can make you dizzy! 

If you modify Corkscrew Drill, you can use it to your advantage in triathlon. 

How? In the above clip, I practiced one Corkscrew cycle to every three “normal” strokes of freestyle. By turning over onto my back, I can see what is going on behind me without interrupting my stroke or losing too much speed. For now, I call this drill Corkscrew by 3. Perhaps I’ll come up with a better name later 😉

On race day you could take as little or as many Corkscrew strokes as you want to see what is going on behind you. You can lift your head position if you need to, but remember that will make your hips sink and cause a little drag. It depends how much you can see.

This was my first time using a GoPro in the water. I will shoot this drill from better angles and make a more detailed post sometime in the future. For now, it is sufficient to get the idea out.

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