Eat Well, Train Dirty

I see the #EatWell #TrainDirty hashtags on my twitter a lot (@ultraswimfast) and, while I sometimes struggle with one, I did a great job with both this week!

I joined a HIT training group at my gym and am starting with 3 classes per week and building to 4 classes per week. I like the HIT training because it is very similar to the circuit training I did as a swimmer. It is fast, there isn’t a lot of rest, and so far it is easier on my joints than Crossfit despite having many of the same elements.

Alaskan Lox Carpaccio

Alaskan Lox Carpaccio

My best workouts this week were all at my HIT training classes. We do the circuits with 3 x an A and B exercise. So you do the first exercise and go right into the second excercise a total of 3 times. If you lose form, you drop weight. On Thursday every set had a third exercise added, and yes, my abs are still sore:


3x{ A: 3×15 Dumbell Rows in Plank Position 12 lbs  (These are Cool!!!)
     { B: 3×18 Hammer Curls 12 lbs
3x{ A: 3×12 Reverse Grip Pull-ups (used a band for assistance)
     { B: 3×15 TRX Bicep Curls
3x{ A: 3×15 Reverse Fly 12 lbs
     { B: 3×15 Dumbel Incline Row 12 lbs
3x{ A: 3×10 Resistance Sit-ups (I had to modify these to squats with a kettle bell)
     { B: 3×20 G4D Back Extension 
3x{ A: 3×15 Lat Pull-downs 70 lbs
     {B: 3×12 Pre-curls 15 lbs
3x{ A: 3×30 Ab Standing Machine
     { B:  3×15 Close-up Row 85 lbs


3x{ A: 3×12 Should Press 15 lbs
     { B: 3×15 Tricep Push-ups
3x{ A: 3×10 Side Raise/Front Upright 5 lbs
     { B: 3×15 TRX Skull
3x{ A: 3×15 Overhead Tricep (Double Arm) 25 lbs
     { B: 3×15 Palms in Should Press 20 lbs (dropped to 15 in 3rd set)
3x{ A: 3×15 Wall Balls
     { B: 3×15 Burpees
3x{ A: 3×15 Dumbell Kick Backs
     {B: 3×30 Knee-Knee Plank Position
3x{ A: 3×12 Tuck Jumps
     { B:  3×30 Plank Side Lifts


3x{ A: 3×20 Hack Squat 35 lbs
     { B: 3×15 Dumbell Dead Lift 25 lbs each side
{C: 50 Crunches
3x{ A: 3×10 Step-up Front/Side Combo 10 lbs
     { B: 3×15 Leg Curls 70 lbs
     { C: 50 Hanging Knee
3x{ A: 3×15 Lunges w/Bar
     { B: 3×10 Tire Flips w/largest tire at our gym
     { C: 50 Reverse Hip-ups
3x{ A: 3×15 Leg Extensions 70 lbs
     { B: 3×20 Bridges w/Medicine Ball
     { C: 50 Bicycles
3x{ A: 3×10 Power-ups
     { B: 3×10 Squat Jumps
     { C: 3×10 Split Squats

My favorite homemade meal this week was an Alaskan Lox Carpaccio: Heirloom tomatoes, Lox, Arugula, garlic olive oil, red apple balsamic and some grated Parmesan. I made it for lunch several times this week. Everything was so fresh thanks to my CSA.

In other news, I’m excited to share that our e-book version of “Triathletes Swim First” has been hanging in the top #100 for both swimming and triathlon books on Amazon since we released it three weeks ago!!! The POD version is now available and the spiral bound version will be here in a few weeks.

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  1. Just bought your book on Kindle. Look forward to incorporating your workouts into my training day!

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