Simulating Open Water Swimming #TriTipTuesday


One of our favorite ways to simulate open water swimming in a pool is to swim against a parachute. 

How do you simulate open water swimming? If you’re interested in purchasing a parachute, stretchcordz makes a parachute that is available in 8″, 12″ or 16″ sizes with the 8″ chute offering the least amount of resistance and the 16″ chute offering the most amount of resistance.

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Picture of StrechCordz Drag Belt/Tow Tether Parachute

We do not own the rights to this photo.

*We are not sponsored by anybody. Stretchcordz has not compensated us for our opinion, we have a lot of experience with the product and really like it.

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  1. very interesting! we have a huge stretch/tether cord thing, but this would be far easier and allow more mobility…so it appears! thanks for the tip as always!! 🙂

    • They both have their place, that’s for sure. I prefer the bungee cords but Vicky prefers the parachute. I’m not sure where Katie stands on this one. They both basically do the same thing but the parachute is easier to set up because you only have to attach it to yourself while the bungee needs to have an anchor. I find that I kick the parachute more than I kick the bungee cord because the parachute sinks whereas the bungee stays at or above the water level. However, in triathlon you could use that aspect of the parachute to your advantage because you don’t want to kick on race day. It is an apples/oranges thing. Thanks for coming by today! I’m glad you enjoyed the tip!

  2. I already have enough drag on the water.. dont think I would want to use a parachute.. haha I need maximum help on my body position..

    • Yea, it might be better for you to use a pull buoy to help you find your body position first! I always think of “Pressing my T” which means pressing on your chest to help your legs float. Let me know if that helps!

      • Yeah, I do that too .. “Pressing my T” I think I am just a slow swimmer (excuse on my own) LoL just finished my 1,5k event swim yesterday, only manage a poor 42min but I am happy as I just recovered from surgery with minimal training.

      • Hey, congrats! I didn’t know you were recovering from a surgery – I bet the water feels really good and I hope it helps you recover faster. I wouldn’t worry about the swim times yet, you’ve got other things that are more important. Mad props for getting out there and doing the race!

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