First Race of Open Water Season: The “Fin” Swim


Saturday, April 13th marked the start of open water season in Hawaii, and the start of my Stay the Course Swim for Special Ops challenge.  The race was the 2000 meter “fin swim”, but I decided to go without fins, and challenge myself to finish as high as I could.  I inked my cap in permanent marker to say Stay the Course and Red Circle Foundation, and when the air horn sounded I took off with two of my Coast Guard friends, and a couple of the kids I coach.  I was able to finish 6th overall, 2nd in the women, and first amongst those who did not wear fins.  Everyone I attended the race with placed, and I successfully inspired a few kids to join me in some of the next races of my Stay the Course Challenge.   I was also thrilled to see a few participants from the Special Ops Community participating in the race.  I’m looking forward to the next swim of 1.2 miles in late May.  Thank you for your support and Stay the Course!

Categories: Miscellaneous, Race Reports

2 replies

  1. Awesome, man! I’ve been staying the course and am thankful for all you have offered me regarding the swim. Keep rockin!

  2. Thanks Mike! #StayTheCourse Hoping to get some fun footage of a sunrise swim for y’all on Friday which means posted sometime over the weekend for everybody else!

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