Hand Entry & Relaxed Recovery

Here I am enjoying an afternoon swim, wishing I could swim my entire triathlon.

My happy place.

On the technique side: 

Look at how relaxed my hand is during my recovery – high elbow, slight pinky first entry, fingers slightly apart – all to set my hand up for a good underwater catch.

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  1. And then, once your hand makes the entry, what is the best technique for that ‘good underwater catch’?

    Also, on another subject…we’re going to start trying on triathlon wetsuits this weekend. With your expertise, do you have any favorites (or not-so-favorites) and why/why not?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    • I will do a post on the catch for you so I can have pics to go with it.

      As for the wetsuit, I’m no expert. I haven’t ever raced in one. I know the brands I like from competitive swimming but I’m not sure how they are in the wetsuit department. Like Vicky, I know a lot of peep that wear blue seventy but I don’t have personal experience with them. The wetsuits will make you more buoyant but you need it to be tight enough not to catch water in your armpits or crotch.

      Check out Laurie’s links too. Good luck! I’m very interested in your experience and what you decide on and why!

    • Make sure you read both comments below this:

  2. I may or may not be the best qualified to give you wetsuit advice, so here goes… I don’t use wetsuits, but have many friends that do. Blue Seventy seems to be a pretty popular choice. Another thing to look for is to make sure its snug. You don’t want it loos or the cold water will seep in and defeat the purpose of the wetsuit. Many people prefer the sleeveless wetsuits due to feeling that their arm motions feel restricted in a full wetsuit. Any of our followers are welcome to chime in. I feel restricted in a wetsuit, and choose not to wear one. I also don’t like fins, pull buoys, and most swim equipment. Most likely a result of finding a very comfortable and strong body position for myself in the water where anything else seems to throw me off :). Good luck in the wet suit hunt!

  3. Thank you, everyone, for your great input! I really appreciate it!

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