Fennel Frond Lemon Pesto

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and messages regarding our book. I sent it off for the FINAL EDIT this afternoon. We’ll be sending off prizes, responding to your supportive (and amazing comments and e-mails) and finishing the final edits on the book in the near future.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of time right now – busy afternoon catching up on real life, going on a family walk and going to the gym to get some training for my upcoming triathlon. While I’m away, here is a delicious Fennel Frond Lemon Pesto recipe I made this afternoon. It is too delicious not to share with my fellow triathletes.

Tapas Maria

I recently joined a CSA (community supported agriculture) and I love it! I put my family on a biweekly plan because I wasn’t sure we’d be able to use the produce fast enough to be on a weekly plan.

I’ve had two pickups so far and each one inevitably sets off my mad dash to the kitchen to use everything as tastefully and efficiently as possible! The race is compounded by the fact that I never know what will be in my CSA box until I see it. If we pick up the box during the Farmer’s Market I do my best to find other items that will compliment my weekly bounty.

Most of the veggies have greens we can eat too and I don’t want to waste anything. Some of the produce, I’ve never seen before so I have to do research to figure out the best way to…

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