Help Us Celebrate Our Virtual Book Cover Release Party (with prizes)

Book Cover Release Party Invite

Whew! It has taken a lot of work to get where we are today. I cannot tell you how good it feels for us to be so far along with this project or how excited we are to finally reveal our AWESOME front cover and title to you at our Book Cover Release Party.

It has been such a pleasure to work with the triathlon community and we are so PROUD of the training book we have created. We can’t take all of the credit as we’ve had some amazing help along the way.

Our forward was written by Sergio Lopez Miro, an Olympic swim coach and medalist whom we had the pleasure of knowing during our time swimming at Northwestern University.

Our editor is the one and only Mike Gustafson, a former teammate who regularly cracks the swimming community up with his twitter feed and writes articles for USA Swimming. Did I mention he’s also in the process of opening his own brick and mortar bookstore?

We have selected some wonderful triathlete-tested workouts that were submitted by people we met in the blogging community. They had some brilliant ideas/ training suggestions to share and it is an honor for us to put them in print. We’re also really excited to read the reviews we’ll be getting from two triathlete bloggers who have been testing our book out these past few weeks. We’d love to share more about these guys now, but it will have to wait until our party.

Thank you for being such a fantastic community! We can’t wait to share what we’ve been up to!!!


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    • Thanks, I finished the cover this weekend and it looks so good that I really just want to share it right now!!! I always have a hard time at this stage of the writing process because I’m done but not done… and the last little bit always takes longer than I want it to. It is exciting~

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