Dryland Training

Swimmers are weird. We call working out on land, “dryland” training. That’s the equivalent of calling swimming “wet water” training. Why are we so strange???

I’m a huge fan of stretch cords and medicine balls. I also love circuit training, free weights and building core strength. Today I performed an awesome circuit:

4 x
{ 1 x 500 on the rowing machine, averaging between 1:49 and 1:55 at max resistance
{ 1 x 15 Squats with 95 Lbs
{ 1 x 15 Deadlifts with 95 Lbs
{ 1 x 15 Bench Press with 65 Lbs
{ 1 x 25 Suitcase Crunch on a Bench*

*Everything was supposed to be as fast as possible. My fastest round was 4:17 and my slowest was 4:45. On the fourth round, my forearms were so spent that I dropped the bar on my Deadlifts twice, which added a lot of time, hence the 4:45. On the third and fourth round, my trainer and I decided to swap the suitcase crunches for Leg Extensions. The most difficult part was transitioning from the erg to the squats quickly. I was trying to find the balance point of rowing as fast as possible without causing me to go slower during the rest of the circuit. I did great until the final round, when I rowed too fast and hit failure in my forearms. Overall, it was a great workout.

Anybody else a fan of circuit training on dryland? What about the rowing machine, tell me I’m not the only one to constantly hit failure on it!!!

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  1. Sounds exhausting. My strength days are hard but not as exhausting as what you describe. Keep up the work.

    • Thanks! I am so sore today but I’m doing some kind of cardio followed by a circuit followed by cardio daily and I’m experiencing big improvements so it is working well. What are your favorite strength practices? I enjoy such a mix of things. I miss having regular med ball partner excercises.

  2. Haven’t done much lifting since the NU days, but even then my weight training was significantly different than yours due to our differing events. Huge fan of training with my body weight as resistance these days! Some day I’ll invest in a TRX, but for now a million types of push ups, pull ups, squats, lunges, and core exercises 🙂

    • Yea, we definitely had different programs!!! Personally, I still love getting into the weight room but using your bodyweight as resistance is awesome because you can modify it as much as you want and it travels with you! I have been doing modified push ups but nothing that would impress you. I have been using the TRX in some of my circuits and I think you’re gonna love it once you get yours. Any chance of skyping this weekend???

  3. My “dryland” training (or what I call “a visit to the gym”), usually consists of:
    10 minutes stretching
    4 x 30 reps on the leg press, pushing 100kg
    4 x 30 reps on the ab crunch, pushing 60kg
    4 x 30 reps on the shoulder press, pushing 25kg
    4 x 30 reps on the lat pull, pulling 50kg
    The whole set repeated again, then 20 mins on the treadmill, at 10km p/hour, followed by a further repeat of the above.
    Finish off the session with 30 minutes on the “cardio-wave” machine (not sure of the proper name), for a good cardio workout – the “effort” setting is set to the equivalent of covering 15km in the 30 minutes.

    I’ve not yet got into circuit training, or spinning, but my swim buddy and other colleagues continually nag me about it, so you never know!

    Spring has sprung, so I’m also seriously contemplating digging through the junk in the back of the garage to find my bike and give it a good clean up and some maintenance – I’ve not seen it for a couple of years, but I know it’s in there somewhere.


    • I really like the way you do a set then the treadmill and then another set before the cardio wave machine – though I’m not sure which one it is either! Judging by the set above, it would not be difficult for you to transition into circuit training. I like circuits because they’re high intensity and fast. I think I can get bored if I workout “slow” and the sprinter in me has never been good at pacing. You should get your bike out! Good luck finding it~

  4. Wow, I think you’re my new hero!

    • 🙂 Thanks for the compliment! I was pretty sore afterward but my endurance is improving a lot and I get really excited for my workouts. You ever do circuits?

      • I keep meaning to… I go to an “interval challenge” class at my gym, so I get some dryland in. I suffer from gymnesia when I attempt to work out on my own so don’t accomplish a whole lot! I really like the idea of circuit training, but I get self-conscious and try to hide in a corner. Working on it.
        When I was swimming in high school the coaches tried to introduce weight training, but I think there was almost a mutiny – it didn’t go over well to say the least (long time ago).

      • I love the word gymnesia!!! I think I sometimes get that when I haven’t thought about what I want to focus on before showing up at the gym. Luckily for me, it is easily cured. I’ve been working with a personal trainer, and he creates the circuit I do when meet up with him. Have you ever worked with a trainer before? It might give you the guidance you need to start creating circuits on your own and also feel more confident on your own. I bet you’d feel super confident after only a few sessions. I have always loved lifting weights and am glad we did it so often during my high school/ collegiate years. I’m glad the mentality has changed since it was introduced to you. I hope you do get a chance to try circuit training one of these days! More importantly, I hope you enjoy it if you do!

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