What’s in my Mesh Bag?


Mesh bags are the BEST way to store swimming equipment!

Some pools allow athletes to store their mesh bags on deck. If you have to take your mesh bag home, it dries easily in the back of a car or your garage. The air holes allow just enough ventilation to prevent moisture from causing issues.


My mesh bag exposed.

I store the following pieces of equipment in my mesh bag:

  1. Kickboard (I rock a purple kickboard because I’m a wildcat)
  2. Extra set of goggles
  3. Pull Buoy (I prefer the kind with adjustable straps)
  4. Hand Paddles (I never use a wrist strap)
  5. Front Breathing Freestyle Snorkel (possibly my favorite piece of equipment ever)
  6. 10″ of PVC Pipe (for Catch Up Drills)
  7. Fins (must I explain?)

What’s in your mesh bag? If you don’t have one yet, you can find them at most swimming outlets.

When I was coaching, I did a lot of business with J.D. Pence and swimoutlet.com and I know they’re both reliable. I don’t think it is necessary to spend extra money on a brand name mesh bag.

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