Tombstone Kick

Here at the water blogged triathlete, we are not afraid to work our legs at practice. Of course, we think it’s smart for triathletes to drop their kick and conserve energy in their legs on race day. That being said, it is much easier to drop a kick than add one, plus kicking at practice is only going to help overall fitness, confidence and body position.

If you really want to give your legs a workout, try Tombstone Kick!


If only there was a way to find out how Tombstone Kick got it’s name…

All you have to do is hold the board upright and partly submerged to create drag. The lower you hold the board, the more drag you will create. Tombstone Kick is very difficult with or without fins, it is also a great drill to practice with short bursts of all out speed.


Too easy? Flip the board so it’s horizontal.

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  1. oooo…I LIKE it! I really, really need to strengthen my kick and that looks like the ticket!


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