Get Published with Us!!! Accepting Submissions Through 2/24/13

We are in the process of releasing our first book in a series of swim books for triathletes!!! It feels fantastic to be so far along with this project but we aren’t finished yet… We want to include a section of beginner swim workouts that we’ve selected from the triathlon community! Initially, we will be releasing a print version with a larger goal of releasing an e-book and waterproof version.

If you’d like to be a part of this project, please e-mail the following information by Sunday, February 24, 2013 :

  1. Your favorite beginning swim practice that is 1500 meters or less. As well as tips or focus points that go along with the practice. We’re looking for workouts that are specific to triathletes and open water swimmers*
  2. Your name, so we can give you credit.
  3. How many years you’ve been a triathlete.
  4. Any swimming anecdotes, phobias, stories, or tips you’d like to share along with your workout.
  5. Your skill level – BEGINNERS WELCOME!!!!
  6. Your mailing address, so we can send you one copy of the print version of the book.
  7. Please print and sign this post acknowledging that you have read and understand the rules and send it in the e-mail as an attachment.

In return:

  1. If we select your work, we will name the workout after you:  either your first name or a nickname. We can even name the workout after a person of your choice such as a family member, mentor, or a training partner. If you’d rather name the workout after a pet, etc., we can do that too.**
  2. Not only do you get to say you’ve been published, we will give you one copy of the print version of the book.

*We reserve the right to format the workout to fit the style/theme of the book.

**We will not accept any vulgar workout names, and we reserve the right to decide.

The Fine Print:
By submitting an entry for consideration, the entrant certifies that all materials are original and created by the entrant, and that the entrant has the necessary rights, permission and authority to submit such materials. By submitting entry materials, the entrants acknowledge that they understand and agree to allow Gold Fever Press and their affiliates use of the material in perpetuity. Features and elements similar to or identical with those contained in entrants’ entry materials does not entitle entrants to any compensation, monetary or otherwise. By submitting entry materials, the entrants waive any right of action against Gold Fever Press in connection with the use of any material (or any part thereof), whether or not the material contains features or elements similar or identical to those contained in entrants entry materials.

By signing below, I indicate that I have read and understand the above terms and conditions.

Printed Name: __________________________________

Signature: _____________________________________

Date: _________________________________________

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4 replies

  1. Hi, I wanted to nominate yourselves for one of the workouts that you created for me a while back. The practice has proven invaluable and has built real long term good technique. I recently took a month off from swimming, but thanks to your practice, when I got back in the pool it was like I never took a break. The practice has helped me elongate my stroke, build confidence, learn to be more buoyant, and generally relax while swimming. I’ve been able to more than double my mileage since using this practice. It’s been great for me and I think you should share it with everyone again.

    Thanks for the great help!

    • Thank you for this comment! You have made my day~ I am also so glad to hear that the workout was a good one for you because its been awhile since the original posting. I will definitely share again and hope it helps someone else as much as it has helped you. Thank you again Trevor!!!

  2. Are ya extending the deadline—I forgot to send you one!?

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