How Can We Help Your Swimming Improve in 2013?

We hope you have a fantastic 2013 and wish you the best in your triathlon adventures!!!

We’ve got big plans this year – everything from expanding our drill database to adding instructional swimming videos, even competing in our own triathlons and open water races.

We’ve also got some other projects in the works that we can’t wait to share as they progress!

We value your feedback, opinions, and questions and have a question we’d like to ask you:

How can we help you improve your swimming in 2013?

Do you have any ideas, requests or suggestions?

We love swimming. We love a challenge. We love making a difference. Your feedback will help make us better.

Thank you, The Water Bloggers

Maria, Katie & Vicky

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8 replies

  1. Happy new year to you too.

    The drills have been great for me as a relative beginner and more drills will be a real help. Videos are also a good idea. I’m looking forward to checking them out.

    • Thanks! I’ve been lucky to visit family, but it is all moving too quickly. Hope you’ve been enjoying your holiday too!

      I’m glad the drills are a help – I’m assuming you prefer free drills for now? I’m really looking forward to posting videos, I think it will be a big improvement. Let me know if you have any specific requests~

      Happy New Year!

  2. I know I’ve said it before but I really appreciate all the swim insight you provide and look forward to the projects as they get posted. The only other suggestion I would have is to share your experience and thoughts on equipment more as well. What type of training aids can be used (especially if they can go along with the drill section), reveiws of googles, suites, caps, and anything else you’ve found to be a must have over the years.

  3. I sure have appreciated the feedback and encoureagement ! Best of Luck in 2013 !

  4. Dry land training and stretching to help prevent injuries. Maybe creating a youtube channel with your drills, stretching, exercises, etc. for swimmers.

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