Some Exciting News

Two very quick (and exciting) announcements:

  1. Vicky won her 4.33 mile open water swim, “The 31st Possibly Annual Hawaii Christmas Looong Distance Invitational Rough – H2O Swim.” She was the first woman out of the water and fourth athlete overall. I hope she’ll be able to post more details soon.
  2. I registered for my first individual triathlon! Woot! Woot!

I say individual because I have competed on triathlon relays before (as the swimmer) but I haven’t actually done an entire triathlon on my own. My race will be on May 27th – so I’ve got some good training time in front of me. I signed up for the sprint triathlon  (750 meter swim, 20k bike and 5k run).

I considered entering the “first time tri” until I saw the run was still a 5k, why couldn’t the run have been shorter? Sure, the swim was almost cut in half – but that won’t do me any good! I also know I can bike either distance. Needless to say, I decided to debut in the sprint.

I’m a little nervous about biking with so many other people. 3,000 entrants seems like a lot to this small town girl from AK. I’ve never ridden in a group before and I don’t have a race bike. Nor will I be purchasing one for my first triathlon. Maybe I don’t really have anything to worry about because I’ll be so far behind the pack?

My biggest concern is the 5k – I’d rather swim a 5k than run one any day of the week! 

It is exciting to be coming out of retirement, but I’ve got a long way to go if I want to be competitive.

Any tips???

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  1. Congrats on entering your first tri! Is it a pool tri or open water? Either way, you really won’t be riding with the full field of cyclists. Yes, it can be daunting, but drafting isn’t allowed, so people have to pass each other quickly when passing. If you can ride with some friends for your training, take some time to experience passing and being passed. It will probably make you a little more comfortable. I know what you mean about the run, but you’ll probably do better than you expect. And you can always walk (or hobble, or crawl, as the case may be)! Good luck. I can’t wait to hear how you like it. 1st one is always a personal best, right?
    And way to go, Vicky!

    • Thanks! I’m excited for it!!! Are the cyclists going to be like swimmers when people try to pass? Obviously I can’t touch their feet, but do you know the “passing” etiquette? I know if I’m being passed I won’t be rude about it but I don’t know what to expect from others. Hahaha, walking (or crawling) is an option to fall back on but I want to run/jog it!!! And thanks for the PB comment at the end, here’s to a fresh start!

  2. Way to go Viki. Ulatraswimfast that is so awesome. As you know I have not done a triathlon yet but I have the first one in sights. I would recommend reading all the rules for the bike in particular. I have read that drafting is not legal but it is the person being passed who is responsible for slowing down. There are other things, if you are on the bike wear the helmet if if the race is hours away. I have heard of people being penalized before the race starts for riding the bike without a helmet. Lastly, find a training plan that fits the time you have available. I tried telling my brother this, but he just does what he wants when he has time and the lack of planning has really made his workouts ineffective. Most of all have fun!!! I am so excited for you!!!

    • Good call – I will read up on the rules beforehand, and also ask questions here from time to time. I’m beginning to research different plans and I have a really good multi sport book that I like. I’ve got the swimming covered but I will need help in the remaining disciplines. Love spinning though, so I’ll find a way to incorporate that. Thanks for being excited about it! I’m really excited too!!!

  3. Awesome! You totally don’t need a race bike for a sprint, but I would check out some local no-drop group rides like on It does help to have some group experience just so you feel more at ease. I believe the rule is 10 seconds for passing. Basically you can’t ride side by side. You should announce “on your left” then pass quickly on the left side. You will have sooo much fun, I promise!

    • That is a great idea! How long before the race do you think I should start practicing with a group like that? 10 seconds seems pretty reasonable and announcing that you’re passing is exactly what I do when I’m just riding for fun – just hope I have enough energy to talk when I’m trying to bike fast! My bike is the same bike I used in college and it is a monster (mountain bike). My husband has a bike I could try if we get the fit right and it is much lighter than mine. Thanks for the tips, I think it will be fun too!

      • I would try to do at least 4 or 5 group rides. I guess it just depends on your comfort level. I like group riding because it is an easy way to get more miles in than I typically would alone. It is nice to have company and to not have to worry about the route because you can just follow others.

      • That sounds very feasible. I will be looking for a way to do this before race day. Thanks so much!!!

  4. Great job Vicky! Great news hearing you are going to do the Tri too! No doubt you are going to have a great time with it! So where is your Tri going to be? I am going to do an Olympic on May 27 in Austin, Texas.

  5. Congratulations Vicky!
    And “You GO girl!” to YOU, Ultra! As swimbikeread says, the first one is always a PB, so relax, get a feel for the event, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You’ll be fine, I promise. I’ve done a few (lol), all lengths (REALLY lol), and they never lost their excitement. Make sure you read all the rules for sure! Don’t worry about your bike…remember I did my first tri on a borrowed bike that I didn’t even know how to shift. DO WEAR A HELMET on the bike….but remember to take it off before you go out of T2…lol!

    • Thanks, Grammadog!!! I’m really excited about this race even though it is so far away. I know a sprint is nothing next to your ironman but that doesn’t mean it will be easy for me to do. Haha, I promise to take my helmet off before I get out of transition!

  6. Congratulations on tackling your 1st!! I still struggle with the run and this year, as I get ready for my 1st full Ironman I’m buckling down and approaching it like swimming…..form, form, form……before speed. So far, so good….and speed will come….and speed is quite relative really….I always tell my coach a bad day in the pool beats a good day at the track…..Slowly that mentality is changing!! Just enjoy the process….and bask in others awe of your swimming skills!

    • Thanks! It has been good to have more focus at the gym even though the race is so far away. I didn’t know you were tackling an Ironman!!! That is so exciting! Which one are you doing? How long have you been working on your running form? You give me hope – but I don’t know if my mentality will ever change. Running is not my idea of fun but I love the water. Thanks for the inspiration! Keep me posted on your Ironman. I’m cheering for you!

  7. Congratulations! It’s funny to read that you dread the 5K run while my hangup is the swim. I’m doing my first TRI this summer – also a sprint distance. I’ll be following your adventure as we both train!

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