Vicky’s 4.33 Mile Rough Water Swim is Today (NOW)!!!

As I type this she is starting her swim (8:00 AM in Oahu). I asked her if there is a way to track her online and she wasn’t aware of one, but I did find a great map of the race course.

The race will start near Diamond Head, which is neat because our college swim team climbed Diamond Head once for winter solstice during training trip. Vicky will swim along Waikiki Beach – against the current on the way out and against the wind on the way back. Fun!


The race will NOT be marked, except for the turn buoys!!!

The entire course is 4.33 miles long and each entrant is required to have an escort. Vicky will be competing in the 30-34 year old age group. To give you an idea of what she’s doing, here are some good snippets from the race invite:

This is a long distance event and the demands of swimming ability and conditioning are considerable. The ocean is very unforgiving to those who get into trouble.

If the swimmer is unknown to the Organizing Committee they must be able to show that they have the ability to swim 7 km in a reasonable amount of time before an Invitation will be extended.

To insure the safety of all swimmers each entrant MUST have an escort. Kayaks and paddle boards are recommended. Motors and sails are forbidden. You will not be allowed to start without an escort.

PLEASE NOTE: The escort must also be in excellent physical condition. In past years there have been many escorts who have not completed the course. The escort should be selected with endurance and conditioning in mind.

Swimmers may be disqualified if they:

1)Fail to have an escort accompany them throughout the entire race
2)Use an escort or any flotation device (neoprene swimsuits included) for any physical support whatsoever
3) Their escort impedes any swimmer
4) Draft another swimmer or an escort
5) Fail to follow the course or
6)Take more than 3 hours 59 minutes to complete swim.

This is a long distance open ocean swim and may be hazardous to your health. Safety is the most important aspect of the event.

Here is part of the waiver she had to sign:

I am applying for entry into the 2012 Hawaiian Christmas Looong Distance Invitational Rough-H20 Swim. I fully realize that events of this nature could entail a great deal of risk to me, both for serious injury and even death. I also realize that this event could not be held unless I am willing to assume all consequences of these risks. Therefore, I assume full responsibility of informing myself as to all dangers and risks and I sign this waiver as a legally binding method of personally assuming all these risks.

I have read the particulars on the reverse side of this form and understand that this is a physically taxing event, which should be undertaken only by individuals that are excellent swimmers and who are in a very good state of physical conditioning. I agree to obtain and have an escort, who is in a very good state of physical condition, on a paddle board, kayak or other similar type human powered device accompany me at all times throughout this event.

My favorite part appears in bold at the very end of the invite:


So, lets hope everyone has been practicing their sighting!!!

Whew, I’ve never had to sign paperwork like this for any of the swim races I’ve competed in!


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  1. Hope the swells are not too bad today…

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