Gearing up for the 31st Possibly Annual Hawaii Christmas Looong Distance Invitational Rough-H20 Swim


My apologies for my inactivity, but I’ve been getting ready for my longest race of the year.  It’s 4.33 miles in the Pacific, and I still get a little nervous about it.  I swam very well in this race last year (1st place female) with less than ideal training conditions (I tethered myself to a ladder in a kiddie pool since the main pool was too cold for me to train in on Kauai).  This year I’ve had the opportunity to train the race course each of the last three weekends, with the exception of this weekend due to the Box Jellyfish arrival.  What ways do you calm pre race jitters?  Knowing that I’ve already completed the race course multiple times in the last month certainly has me feeling more confident.  Most of my nerves come from expectations I place on myself.  I’ve swum with people whose nerves are more about what might be swimming in the water with us, but for some reason this doesn’t seem to bother me.  What makes you nervous about swimming without lane lines and the black line on the bottom?

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  1. Good luck and what an accomplishment – 4.33 miles of open water swimming. I’d enjoy hearing more about the training and the race itself when you’re done.

  2. Best wishes and enjoy the day…the expectations we put on ourself are sometimes the hardest part about participating in these events….like you, I find my nerves are more about my personal goals than the course itself. I don’t know about you, but it all sorta fades away once the gun goes off and the days work begins! 😉 Sometimes just knowing that helps a little!!

  3. O, yes…I’m with JunkMiles also. Once the gun goes off, it’s all about concentrating on the job at hand….

  4. I agree with Iowa, I would love to hear more about the race and the training. For me the initial fear of not being in a pool was a panic of having no support and no confidence in my endurance or ability to be ok out in the open. I have since increased my endurance and confidence in the water and have had a successful open water ocean swim. i wish you the best of luck on your event.

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