If you’ve got some changes to make to your swimming technique, you are not alone. It takes work, it is better to learn right the first time, but it can be done. The author is now :10 to :15 seconds faster per 100 with the same or less effort due to a complete overhaul of her freestyle. I can’t stress it enough: technique, technique, technique… then speed. I thought her story was inspiring and I hope you do too!


Last spring, once it became abundantly clear that I was NOT going to be running seriously for a while I needed something to do.

Enter the summer of OverHaulin’ ….the swim stroke!

When I came back from Galveston, in April, I wasn’t particularly happy with my swim time and realized working on technique was the ONLY thing that was going to lead to any significant improvement.

What I didn’t quite understand was just HOW difficult this would prove to be….

The key was (and still is) basically retraining the brain and that, my friends, is crazy-ass hard!

Research has long proved it takes 3,000-5,000 repetitions to correct an incorrect movement.

To put that in perspective…..

There were 7-8 “little” things I was perpetually doing wrong and I could only work on 1 of them at a time or else my poor brain would never get a handle on ANY of…

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