My All Time Favorite Way To Swim 15 x 100s Free

One of my favorite sets of all time is 15 x 100s on a descending interval. It is a perfect set for an experienced triathlete because it requires pacing, a strong mind and endurance. Plus, you get to challenge yourself at the end. Swimming sets like this at practice will make race day feel so much better.

Every time you drop a 100, the interval gets faster. When you choose your starting interval, try something between :25 and :30 of your best 100 freestyle time. If you don’t know your best 100, do a 100 sprint a few days before you want to try this set. That way, when you get to your final 100 you’ll be within :05 to :10 of your best time, which is pretty good at practice! Not everyone makes the interval on the last 100, and that’s okay. You’ll still have gotten a lot out of the set. Plus, it will fuel the fire for next time.

Maria’s All Time Favorite set of 15 x 100s Free:

15 x 100s Free
5 @ 1:20
4 @ 1:15
3 @ 1:10
2 @ 1:05
1 @ 1:00

Tip: The last three are really tough, so use the preceding 100s to prepare mentally so you can finish this set strong!

If you aren’t ready to try a set like this with 100s, can you swim it with 75s or 50s? What about with fins?

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