NBC Sports to Broadcast Ironman Kona Today 4pm-6pm EST

Just a quick reminder:

Don’t forget to set your DVR for @NBCSports Ironman World Championship broadcast today between 4pm – 6pm EST.

Have a wonderful day,

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  1. O, yeh….I’m already scheming how I think I can do it………………………..again.

    • You are so inspiring! Truly amazing that you’ve already done one. If you decide to go for another, when will you have to make that decision by?

      • …about 6 o’clock last night….lol….seriously, it will probably take 2 years from where I am right now to do it….after I do the half-marathon I’m training for next spring, I’ll have a better idea. Boston first, tho….

      • Well, I look forward to your posts either way. I think it would take me well over two years to be ready for an ironman (or a marathon) if we’re being honest. Let me know what you decide to do. It would be amazing if you went for it but I can’t imagine it myself. Maybe it takes 20 years to forget the pain of the first ironman 😉

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