Two Practices & Banishment to the Shallow End

Yesterday was a great day! I was able to manage two practices – and the second one  was in my favorite place… the pool! Granted, the total time of both workouts was less than a single practice when I was a ‘real’ swimmer, but it still felt great. Unfortunately I was limited to less than an hour during the swim workout, so I had to make the most of my time.

The best part of the workout was playing with the baby during open swim for my warm down. The funniest part of the workout was when the lifeguard banned me from going over the drop off to the deep end with the baby.

Me: “I’m sorry, what?”
Lifeguard: “I know you can swim, but the pool drops of there. You see this? You can’t cross this line with your baby.”

Silly lifeguard, he doesn’t know I’ve been doing laps by kicking on my back and holding the baby on my belly in an Olympic size pool prior to yesterday’s banning. I guess this is how it is going to be now that the outdoor pool is too cold for the little one… I did think it was funny.

Workout #1:
2 x 1000’s on the rowing machine holding at 80% effort
15:00 Ab circuit from my “Nike Training” App

Workout #2:

Warm Up:
1 x 300: 100 Fr/ 50 Bk/ 100 Fr/ 50 Brst

300 meters

6 x 100s Kick W/a Board 80% @ 10r:
1-3 Flutter, 4-6 Dolph

16 x 25s:
1-4 Fly, RAO/ LAO/ Underwater Recovery/ Swim
5-8 Back, RAO/ LAO/ Underwater Recovery/ Swim
9-12 Brst, RAO/ LAO/ Above water Recovery/ Swim
13-16: Free, D1-4 to sprint

1300 meters

Main Set:
1 x 100 Free + snorkel/ paddles/ buoy @:15r
2 x 50s Free + snorkel/ paddles @:10r
4 x 25’s Free + snorkel @:05r

3 x
{1 x 50 Fl Kick 85%
{2 x 25s Dolph Kick!

1 x 100 IM as fast as can go without losing technique

2,000 meters

Warm Down:
Playing in shallow end with baby

It was a decent swim practice. My arms felt like they hit failure early on thanks to the rowing workout beforehand. At one point, another lap swimmer joined me and he said my butterfly looked effortless. I’m glad it looked that way because I told him, “it does not feel effortless!” I know my face was red and I’m telling you, my arms felt like jello! Plus, there was a guy in the lane next to me that was going faster than I was, and of course I wasn’t going to let that happen without a fight! The competitive part of me kept thinking I’d be beating him if I hadn’t rowed beforehand! Luckily the rational part of me recognized that that would have been a short term victory. Sure, I’ve got room to improve but yesterday’s practice was exactly where I needed to be.

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