One of our readers has had to scale back their workout routine for the time being. We’ve been impressed with his ability to take an obstacle and turn it into an opportunity, so we thought we’d share his blog post about going back to the basics in the pool – and why it is a constructive use of his time:

Chatter Gets Fit

As I posted in my earlier post, I am stuck with really light non-heart stress inducing workouts right now.  In the words of my doctor: ‘brisk walking and light activity only’.  I understand this is because the pressure was so high he is afraid of me having a stroke or heart attack.  I digress.  So, I have  been focusing really hard on walking for the last week and doing some pilates and yoga classes.  I figured since I am on light duty it would be great time to try some different activities and see how they will work mixed in with my triathlon training when I am allowed to continue my usual workouts.  So besides that I also wanted to spend some time in the pool.  I knew I could not or should not do my normal workouts as they push endurance and get my heart rate up. So…

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