Going Into (& Coming Out Of) A Holiday Weekend

Hello everyone! Just a quick note to say I hope you all have a fantastic holiday weekend. I hope you were able to schedule some recovery time to coincided with any festivities you have planned.

I also wanted to play the coaching card and remind everyone not to forget any goals you are working toward.

If you aren’t able to get a water workout in this weekend, I hope you’re able to challenge yourselves other ways. I find that stretch cords, TRX, med balls, rowing and weight lifting are great supplements to swim training. Getting some good cardio on a bike or run is great too.

If you are taking a few days off, when you get back in the pool, do some extra drills during warm up to help regain your feeling for the water. I recommend some fisted swimming so that you have to focus on how your forearms are holding the water before progressing into some distance per stroke and then some regular freestyle. Mix in some backstroke too.

I also recommend increasing your warm up distance. If you typically do 100 meters warm up, go for 200-250 meters. If you normally do 400 meters shoot for 600 meters or so. If you usually do 1,000 meters increase it to about 1200-1500 meters. Work in some pulling with hand paddles and focus on some of the basics like your breathing pattern and balance.

Once you’ve gotten that long warm up in, go ahead and attack the rest of your workout!!!

Have a great weekend!


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