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We got some great feedback from Brittany after answering her question about why she might sink when she breathes. She has narrowed it down the the “scrunching” comment that Vicky suggested. While learning to swim via the internet is not ideal, we hope we can help her fix it after she gets her stroke video taped.

The Fit Formula

If you’re like me, swimming fast doesn’t feel natural.  I’m working really hard to figure out what “gliding through the water” feels like, and though I’ve made progress over the past couple of months, I still have a ways to go.  A little while ago, I got a comment from The Water Blogged Triathlete, who offered to answer any swimming questions I had – well of course!  I have lots of questions, but my main issue is that I’m off balance and rotation on either side feels different (I can tell during drills).  The Water Blogger girls were kind enough to give me a bunch of responses; you can see them here.  I’ve tried a few of them and think that my issue is likely this:

Body Extension. Everyone has a strong side and a weak side when they swim. A side they are more comfortable breathing to…

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