Mango Lassi

Looks like mangoes are in season – which makes me very happy! I’ve been waiting to make Mango Lassi’s since my Oma told me about them (months ago). Apparantly they are from India and are made with yogurt, milk and mangoes.

Traditionally, you should use plain yogurt. However, I opted to use peach. I’ve decided to restrain myself and refrain from posting a photo because it looked like baby food. It tasted good and would work pre/post workout.

I liked it because it was similar to a milkshake and definitely satisfied my craving for something sweet. Next time I make these, I won’t use sugar because the mangoes and yogurt were enough.

2 Containers Peach Yogurt (6 oz each)
1 Cup Milk
2-3 Mangoes
Dash of Sugar
Optional: Dash of Ground Cardamom, Sprig of Mint
Special Equipment: Blender

Serves: Two
Prep Time: 10 Min

  1. Slice the Mango.
  2. Add all of the ingredients to the blender and liquify.
  3. Serve.

    *You can garnish it with sprinkles of Cardamom or even some fresh mint if you want it to look pretty.

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