Having Fun While You Train

Katie and her dogs Tiberius and Severian in a Dredge pond in Fairbanks, Alaska.

After several weeks of swimming alone in a pool, I decided it was time to train with some company. I was trying to think of who would want to try swimming in an old dredge pond with me, and just my luck… my dogs like to swim too! So we all jumped in the car and drove down to the pond for a swim, but this is no ordinary pond. It’s really deep, full of sharp rocks, and oh… it’s in Fairbanks, Alaska!

I made sure to take some safety precautions though, as should anyone who’s going into open water. I had on bright colors, and I had a friend with me just in case anything happened. The water was pretty cold in the beginning, but I spent a lot of time in Lake Michigan growing up, so I thought I was up for the challenge. I also know how my body reacts to cold water, and I know when it’s time to get out. I would say the water was in the mid 70’s, so not too cold but a bit chilly if you’re not moving around.

All in all, we had a great time! I found ways to play with my dogs in the water while also getting a workout. The main game we played was keep away with a stick (they chased me while I swam away from them). Being in the open water was a good change too, but the best thing that I got out of that day was just plain FUN! Enjoying what you do is so important, I can’t stress enough how much it makes hard work easier. Any time you can spice up your routine, it makes it more doable. I’ll definitely be heading out to that pond again!

Categories: Open Water, Training

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