Triathlete Swim Drill Series

I originally wrote the following drills series as a “beginner” workout. It has since occurred to me that this is a great drill series for triathletes of all levels. Beginners could still use it as an entire workout while advanced athletes could throw it into a warm up, recovery day or warm down:

MARiA’s Drill Series
3 x {25 Scull
25 Under Water Recovery
25 Finger Tip Drag
25 DPS (Distance Per Stroke)
25 Heads Up Freestyle
25 Breathing Pattern Side/ Side/ Front}

Total: 450 Yards

I will save the focus of each drill for a later post. In the meantime, can you guess what the focus of each drill is and why it benefits triathletes (without my help)?

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  1. Let me see what I remember from learning these…may not be the real focus, but it’s what I focus on when doing them! Finger tip drag is for long stroke and correct hand/arm placement; DPS is for long smooth strokes and regulated breathing; heads up is for sighting in open water; side side front breathing is to incorporate sighting into breathing pattern, make it more efficient. Don’t know scull or under water recovery. Must learn!

    • All good things to focus on! In addition to your points, I’d add high elbows during the recovery to finger tip drag; DPS = maximum distance per stroke. The regulated breathing makes sense if you’re doing bilateral breathing (like every 3rd or every 5th stroke). It could put stress on your shoulders if you always breathe to the same side. Heads up also lets you focus on your hand entry in addition to sighting. You’re spot on with the side/ side/ front breathing. Both sculling and underwater recovery work on your under water work. The under water recovery is just a natural progression from the sculling. My goal with this series was for the drills to be a natural progression.

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